“Who’s Who in Las Vegas,” the 2013 Edition, is the first and only book listing the people who lead, promote, build, attract and define the most exciting city in the world – Las Vegas, Nevada. Nominations for inclusion are now open. Residents of Las Vegas who have made significant contributions or achievements in the Arts, Entertainment, Business, Community, Charity, Education, Legal, Medicine, Philanthropy, Media, Real Estate, Sports and Politics can now be nominated.

The book (both print and electronic) will be available in 2014 with information for those selected for inclusion in the 2013 Edition. This website will display those selected in advance of the book release on this website for all to see and honor. Pre-orders will be accepted during the summer with incredible special offers for those who sign up on the form to the right.

The book “Who’s Who In Las Vegas” will highlight and honor those who create and support positive growth and help to attract nearly 40 million visitors to Las Vegas each year. Many high profile people call Las Vegas home and the book will highlight people who have made a positive impact on the city, state, county and world at large.